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Complete Coverage for the Cannabis Industry


It’s going to get easier to get real coverage.
Because The Arculius Group is going to change the industry.

At Arculius we see a bright future for both the cannabis industry and the business you’ve worked hard to build. That’s why we’re proud to soon be delivering a new kind of insurance—one with more products, more services, and fewer exclusions than any other offering in the industry.

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Our expertise combines risk-management knowledge with cannabis-industry experience, which puts Arculius in the ideal position to deliver the protection your business needs now.

We’re not industry newcomers. We know the players and the playing field. We have an inside perspective on the challenges you face—especially those that other industries don’t. We’ve walked in your facilities and met your people. We’ve even worked with grass-roots groups and governments to advance the cannabis cause.

Arculius Insurance Offers Real Advantages

Full complement of products and services. We offer a full suite of property & casualty coverages that include but are not limited to: General liability, product liability, professional liability, directors & officers liability, worker’s compensation, fire, business interruption, and theft.

Policies with fewer exclusions. Too many cannabis-industry policies are full of trap doors that exclude important coverages. Not ours. Our policies are written to protect, not leave you exposed when trouble hits.

Committed reinsurance partners and deep financial reserves. We’re backed by stable and trustworthy partners who are committed to our success. And that gives us the strength to commit to yours.

Single-point access to coverage. We’re a one-stop shop:  With Arculius, you will have access to all the necessary coverages to properly protect your business’s assets.

We’re in it for the long haul. Our commitment to permanence and stability means you won’t have to go carrier shopping every year.

We deliver more than the industry’s best risk management. We deliver confidence. To grow. To build lasting relationships. To better clear the hurdles that are often set too high in the cannabis business. We know how to mitigate your risk so you can maximize your company’s potential.

A Message for Cannabis Industry Associations

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As a new and serious provider in cannabis insurance, Arculius has the capacity you’ve been searching for. Our comprehensive offering will help you sign up new clients—and better protect those you already have.

We’re unique in the industry. We do it all: No one has a portfolio with more products, fewer exclusions, and better financial and reinsurance backing. We cover every market participant in cannabis—from growers to marijuana-adjacent industries. And we cover them with insurance that’s simply better. We’re a one-stop shop for coverage and we don’t insure any industry but cannabis. We’re insiders: We know the players and the playing field, and the unique challenges and high hurdles faced every day by the companies that trust you.

We’ve got capacity. We’ll be open for business soon. Let’s talk. 



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